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Our supporters have made the Consortium larger and more effective.  Working together, we have enrolled more partner organizations across the U.S. and Canada.  We have provided fellowships for researchers, organized working groups for scholars from around the globe and produced public events shedding historical perspective on contemporary concerns.

Every contribution, at any level, helps to promote excellence in scholarship and to inform and elevate public discussion of historical and contemporary issues in science, technology and medicine.  Your individual support also encourages others to help. 

If you have given in the past, please renew your support.  If you have not given before, please make a contribution.

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Babak Ashrafi
Executive Director

Why support the Consortium


Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis
Professor, History of Science
Departments of Biology and History, University of Florida

December, 2015

The Consortium’s community has helped fill a void by enabling me to interact with both junior and senior scholars, all over the world read more


James Poskett
Darwin College, University of Cambridge
Former Research Fellow

December, 2015

Writing a transatlantic history of science simply would not have been possible without the support of the Consortium. read more


Angela N.H. Creager
Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History, Princeton University
President, History of Science Society

November, 2014

No organization is doing a better job than the Center of connecting historians of science, technology and medicine to each other, to libraries and archives, and to the human and financial resources that make the field so vibrant right now.


Joseph D. Martin
Lyman Briggs College, Michigan State University
Former Dissertation Writing Fellow

November, 2014

The scaffolding that the Center builds around the humanistic studies of the sciences engenders a collaborative spirit that promotes open, interdisciplinary discourse. read more


Richard Staley
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
University of Cambridge

December, 2013

Somehow, the Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science has thoroughly changed the meaning of “Area,” while also showing new ways to realise fellowship and community in scholarship. read more


Michael Gordin
Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
Princeton University

December 2013

Nothing, however, has prepared me for the astonishing and rapid success of this organization as a facilitator of research, teaching, outreach, and scholarship in the history of science, technology, and medicine. read more


Kurt MacMillan
Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Northern Arizona University
Former Dissertation Writing Fellow

December 2013

The collegiality, efficiency, and depth of knowledge of the Center’s community created a rich learning environment for junior scholars read more


Loren Graham
Professor of the History of Science, Emeritus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University

November, 2012

This Center, in my opinion, is currently the most vigorous focus for the history of science in the United States. read more


M. Susan Lindee
Professor of the History and Sociology of Science
Associate Dean for the Social Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pennsylvania

November 2012

The Center has fulfilled our highest hopes for what it could accomplish for history of science, technology and medicine not only in Philadelphia but in the world. read more


Joanna Radin
Assistant Professor in the History of Medicine and of History
Yale University
Former Dissertation Writing Fellow

November 2012

The Center provides unique resources for stimulating the growth of history of science as an exciting field of inquiry and of action. read more

B. Robert DeMento
President, Board of Trustees
Library Company of Philadelphia

November 2011

the Center has made significant progress in establishing itself as an important intellectual and rich cultural resource in our region. read more


Lynn K. Nyhart
Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
President, History of Science Society

November 2011

it is rapidly becoming an autonomous hub for the regional, and even national, scholarly community in history of science, medicine, and technology ... read more


Ruth Schwartz Cowan
Chair, Department of the History and Sociology of Science
Janice and Julian Bers Professor, University of Pennsylvania

November 2011

because of the lively scholarly community that the Center has created here, I am seriously considering retiring in Philadelphia ... read more


Carin Berkowitz
Associate Director, Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Former Dissertation Writing Fellow

November 2011

The impact of the fellowship on my career was as much, if not more, in the community that it provided for me as it was in the funding ... read more

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