Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Casting the Pod

Posted by on 07/08 at 09:38 AM It’s a jungle of blogs, podcasts, e-this and online-that out there: the history of science has not been spared a vast amount of internet output in visual and audio formats, and who has the time or patience to pick and choose without any guidance? On the other hand, who is not tempted to discover new gems every once in a while?

This is where awards come in. Yes, there are some people whose job it is to put on their aural wellies (that’s ‘rubber boots’ for the Americans among us), wade through the media jungle and select those podcasts, radio shows, etc., which they like best. And the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s own podcast, Distillations, has received the prestigious New York Festivals Award for Radio Programming & Promotion ( for no less than 4 shows!

And this is where my blog entry ends, and your listening experience begins. Check out the award winning shows on

Global Health: (written by Dominique Tobbell)

Children’s Health: (Jody Roberts and Eleanor Goldberg)

Self-experimentation: (Dominique Tobbell)

and The Science of Sleep: (yours truly)

Snacks optional, enjoyment guaranteed.

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