Friday, October 30, 2009

Gold, Elixirs and Books of Secrets

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Have you ever wondered what alchemy really is, or rather, was? NB: The term ‘alchemy’, much like ‘magic’, is a true chamaeleon of flowery language (these days it mostly inhabits the titles of business books, perhaps not by coincidence, and not without a pinch of hidden historical irony...).

If your answer is
- “Yes!” - then skip to the last paragraph
- “No, not really, why would I” - read on.

Did you know that J.K. Rowling did a splendid job on using bits of alchemical history in her Harry Potter heptalogy? Would you not like to know more about this history?

If your answer is
- “Yes!” - then skip to the last paragraph
- “No, go away!” - read on.

Are you aware that November is the Month of Chemistry in the Year of Science? Are you eager to catch up on your Year of Science (now that it is almost over, but never mind)?

If your answer is
- “Yes!” - then read on
- “Humbug!” - then I can’t help you.


In a brave act of shameless self promotion, I announce a lecture at the Wagner Institute on Thursday, 5th November, entitled

“Gold, Elixirs and Books of Secrets:
A Brief History of Alchemy”

BYOG (Bring Your Own Gold). Details here. See you there!

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