Friday, September 18, 2009

HEWG kicks off a new year

Posted by Jody on 09/18 at 06:20 AM

HEWG (pronounced, huge), the Human-Environment Working Group, is a network of scholars in the Philadelphia region working on the broad and interconnected of humans and environments from a diversity of disciplinary (and non-, trans-, multi-, and inter-disciplinary) perspectives. Our aim is to provide an informal atmosphere where researchers from around the many regional institutions can share their work, meet colleagues, and just hear about some of the fascinating work that is taking place outside of your office, your hall, your department, or your institution.

HEWG meets monthly at Intermezzo, located on the Walnut Bridge. For more information, send a note to Gwen Ottinger to get on our distribution list. Interested in sharing your work with other scholars? Let us know that, too. We also have a budding reading group that will meet monthly. For more information on that, or to express interest, send me a note.

I’ll be posting brief notes about HEWG, HEWG-related events, and other happenings around the Philadelphia region. If you know of an upcoming event, please pass it along. I hope to see you at a HEWG event

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