Saturday, February 13, 2010

History of Science in 132 Characters

Posted by Darin Hayton on 02/13 at 10:46 PM

The blog “Educate Daily” encouraged readers to tweet great moments in the history of science: “Tweeting a history of science”. When you append the hashtag #histsci140, you have a scant 132 characters to use. To get things rolling, Educate Daily offered some examples:

Archi, you’ve just had a bath, get some clothes on before you catch your death of cold, are you dense, or what?

Professor, these X-ray patterns are incredibly symmetrical, best not mention them to Jim and Francis

Stanley, is this circuit really 450 Volts, those people look like they’re in real pain? Shut up and just push the lever

Fido, get down, you’re slobbering all over my good lab coat…it’s only the doorbell

I’m sorry Alex, I forgot to put your Petri dishes away and now they’ve got all mouldy…hang on…

History of Science, according to Twitter

Quite a few people have contributed. Some of the results are rather clever. Some of the contributors are rather prolific. The user Yokofakun should get some award for both number and creativity. Some of his include this one:
“‘Nicolaus! LET GO OF ME! You’re NOT the center of my universe!’ [Mrs Copernicus, annoyed by her clingy son, 1477]”

And this one:
“Ahahaha ☮☮☮! Hihihihihihi ! Ohohohohoh ☮☮☮ ! AHAHAHA! ☮☮ Waaaaaaaaaaa! ☮ cooooooooooollllllll ! ☮☮☮☮☮ [Albert Hofmann 1943]”

If you are bored and want to kill a few minutes, you might find the some amusing: search Twitter for #histsci140

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