Saturday, March 13, 2010

HoS Micropost: Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius turns 400

Posted by Darin Hayton on 03/13 at 10:45 PM

13 March has witnessed a number of astronomical events:

  • 1610: the printing of Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius
  • 1781: the discovery of Uranus
  • 1855: Percival Lowell’s birth
  • 1930: the announcement of the discovery of Pluto

This brief post concentrates only on the first of these.

For a brief history of the publication of Galileo’s Sidereus see ThonyC’s post It was 400 years ago…. If you haven’t read Galileo’s book, here is an English translation. The first edition has been photographed and is available here

Galileo’s iconic drawing of the surface of the moon.(Source: Galileo Galilei, Sidereus Nuncius (Venice, 1610), 10r (The Warnock Library))

The NY Times is celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius with an on-line quiz: All about Galileo

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