Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New and Shiny Chemical Perspectives

Posted by on 05/26 at 10:25 AM

Let me introduce myself: I am the latest addition to the PACHS flock of bloggers and am writing from my glamorous headquarters in the Chemical Heritage Foundation, a toddler’s throw from the APS and PACHS.

To be honest, introducing myself is a tricky affair: my position, education, age, gender, size and the condition of my hair (though let me add quickly that it is nice and shiny thanks to the regular use of, well, conditioner) might invite expectations on the part of readers (if any) of this blog; yet the image of a personality behind the keyboard might help generate interest. Imagine therefore, if you will, a smouldering redhead who looks like she stepped out of a film noir (pencil skirt, fitted white shirt, hair in a high bun, and the quintessential killer legs).

The thoughts swirling inside this unarguably pretty head will be made available in weekly instalments, starting tomorrow. Welcome to my world!

Photo by Clare Felton. Found at the Chemical Heritage Foundation Flickr photostream.

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