Friday, April 08, 2011

Secundum Artem:  Selected Works of Art and Design from the University of the Sciences Collection

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The University of the Sciences, at 43rd St. and Woodland Avenue, is not on the standard museum map of Philadelphia.  Yet its Marvin Samson Center for the History of Pharmacy in Griffith Hall, though small, is impressive.  (Note that I am somewhat biased, as U. Sciences is my home institution.) The current exhibit, Secundum Artem:  Selected Works of Art and Design from the university collection, open until May 27, features a fascinating display of apothecary jars with bold, colorful designs, animal skeletons, botanical displays and the like.  The exhibit description compares the display to the ready-made pieces of Duchamp, not originally intended to be art, but possessing an artistic value nonetheless.

As a side visit, the university’s Joseph England library has on display a handwritten letter from Marie Curie, accepting her honorary appointment to the university in 1909, along with a copy of her curriculum vitae and other material.  The letter was checked with a Geiger counter before being put in the display case!

Here is a link to more information about the exhibit:
Secundum Artem

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