Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Cancer, the Blog and the President

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A German newspaper, ‘Die Zeit’, recently compiled the 12 Big Questions in Science. Will artificial intelligence outdo human intelligence? What is reality? Why do we sleep? What is the origin of life?  What existed before the big bang? And will science be able to answer all questions some day?

Among these ‘big questions’ (and I am not sure they are comprehensive - where, for instance, is the question about our desire to know things and its relationship to the need for leisure, aka inertia?), one question had some more urgency than the others: Can all diseases be cured (eventually)? Well, you will have guessed it, even if that were possible, cancer will remain a problem for many years to come.

While researchers, scientists, doctors and patients deal with all sorts of aspects of cancer every day, CHF has its own cancer chemotherapy research expert on staff : Tom Tritton, the president of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, rubbed shoulders with the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health for decades before he joined us almost two years ago. Nevertheless, his former professional interests are combined with his current role as the face and voice of CHF: his blog, the Periodic Tabloid, melts down science news into palatable morsels, and they often involve Tom’s thoughts about cancer.

Check out the blog and let him know what you think! I, meanwhile, will keep my decidedly unscientific fingers crossed for everyone: may we live happily and healthily ever after.

Tom Tritton

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