Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is a Historienne to do?

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It was a bright and sunny day. The historians were twittering, the sun was shining, and this particular Historienne was making plans for her social life (read: mixing and mingling with other historians of science for some nice conversation, edification and who knows, perhaps even some scholarly fun?). She looked at the PACHS website; stopped; stared; and actually had to put down her cup of hot beverage for the sheer pain of the dilemma:

October 2nd: PACHS colloquium. Darin Hayton, Haverford College, on “Astrology as Political Ideology in the Holy Roman Empire During the Era of Emperor Maximilian I”

October 2nd: CHF museum anniversary.

Nibbles and old friends vs. wine, cheese, the periodic table of cupcakes and colleagues on the other… what is a Historienne to do?

In the absence of a time turner (hello there, Harry Potter fans!) and the inability to clone herself, she will try to be at both events for a reasonable amount of time, and double the fun, education, edification, and consumption of good slosh and nosh. If, however, you hear a faint ‘pop’, she may have disapparated to somewhere else altogether.

Check out the events, and see you at one or the other (or both!)!

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