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Collections News

Kislak Center (UPenn) acquires rare manuscripts in alchemy, astrology, Cabbala, Tarot, and more

The Kislak Center recently acquired 58 manuscript codices from the library of the Duke of Northumberland. The manuscripts were originally collected by General Charles Rainsford (1728-1809), an 18th century gentleman scientist, and cover subjects such as alchemy, astrology, Cabbala and Tarot. Notable items include an illustrated book on summoning demons, an astrological horoscope of King George III, a manual by Rainsford on judicial astrology, and several alchemical notebooks used by Rainsford for commonplacing, or note-taking, on useful information and discoveries.

New Acquisitions and Digitized Archives at Drexel University

Drexel University acquired and processed several important collections in 2014. New acquisitions include, among other, the complete records of the Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia, 1899-2012; sketches of animals and prehistoric subjects by the paleoartist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins; and the papers of the nutritionist Corinne H. Robison. Newly processed collections include the Academic Affairs records of Hahnemann University, 1848-2009 and the papers of the physiologist Stella Yates Botelho (1923-1987). The University also recently produced a searchable, digitized edition of Thomas S. Bradford’s biographies of homeopathic physicians compiled from 1896 to 1916.

The American Philosophical Society makes James Van Gundia Neel and Frank Siebert papers available to researchers

The American Philosophical Society has recently made newly processed resources available to researchers, including papers of James Van Gundia Neel, a pioneer of human population genetics, and Frank Siebert, a chemist-turned-anthropologist who made important contributions to Algonquin linguistics. 

Chemical Heritage Foundation acquires 15th-century Alchemical Manuscripts

The Chemical Heritage Foundation made several highly significant new acquisitions in the past year. Among these are a collection of rare alchemy manuscripts, many from the 15th century; rare texts and experimental notebooks of 18th and 19th century chemists; correspondence and personal papers of noteworthy 20th century physicists, engineers, chemists, and industrialists; and several significant material artifacts. 

New Collections at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania recently made several new acquisitions, including the papers of the late 19th and early 20th century psychologist Dr. Robert Howland Chase, John Price Wetherill’s engineering notebook from 1881-1891, and a circa 1795 printed advertisement for gold tincture. 

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