September 28, 2012

2012 Introductory Symposium

Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science

The Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science invites faculty, graduate students, fellows, and other scholars new to the area to present brief summaries of their work in the history of science, technology and medicine.

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm, social hour to follow
Location: Library Company of Philadelphia (directions)

To RSVP, please provide your name, email address and how many people will be attending.

The Philadelphia area is home to exceptional resources and a vibrant scholarly community. Students and scholars from around the world arrive each year to visit some of America’s oldest scientific institutions and to study their rich collections of rare books, manuscripts and artifacts—often unaware of the exciting research being done by others in the area, sometimes mere blocks away. This annual symposium is an opportunity for scholars new to the field or new to the area to learn about each others’ work, to meet each other and to exchange advice about research, writing and area resources. We will also invite several librarians and archivists to introduce themselves and their collections to participants.

The symposium will be on Friday, September 28 at the Library Company of Philadelphia with ample opportunity for informal discussion over food and refreshments.


9:30 Welcome
Babak Ashrafi
Executive Director, Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science

9:40 Session 1

“Scientific Agriculture” and Political Economy in the Antebellum United States
Ariel Ron
Library Company of Philadelphia
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Program in Early American Economy and Society

Science in the Early Republic’s Borderlands
Cameron B. Strang
University of Texas at Austin
Monticello-McNeil and Friends of the McNeil Center Dissertation Fellowship

Plants and Peoples in the French Atlantic World
Christopher M. Parsons
McNeil Center for Early American Studies
Barra Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Medical Jurisprudence in Late Nineteenth-Century American Society
Friederike Baer
Pennsylvania State University, Abington College

Children in Glass Houses:Toward a Hygienic, Eugenic Architecture for Children during the Third Republic in France (1870-1940)
Gina M. Greene
University of Pennsylvania
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health And Society Scholar

New Kid On the Block: Medico-Military History and Its Importance in the American Historical Framework
Jenna M. Krier
West Chester University

Popular Medicine and Remedies of Infectious Disease in London and the US Colonies 1600 - 1800
Nicole Salomone
Independent Scholar

11:10 Introduction to the Collections of the Hagley Museum and Library
Erik Rau, Director of Library Services

11:25 Session 2
moderated by Ronald Brashear
Arnold Thackray Director, Othmer Library of Chemical History, Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Hinchman Conspiracy Case: 19th Century Roots of American Mental Health Law
Cristina Hanganu-Bresch
University of the Sciences
Franklin Grant, American Philosophical Society

Mutiny’s Bounty: Pitcairn Islanders, Anthropologists, and the Making of a Natural Laboratory in the South Pacific
Adrian Young
Princeton University
Fellowship from the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities

A Method Only
Henry M. Cowles
Princeton University
Graduate Prize Fellowship, Princeton University Center for Human Values

Patronage, Public Science, and Free Education: The Wagner Free Institute of Science 1855-1900
Matthew White
University of Florida, American Philosophical Society
PACHS Dissertation Research Fellowship

Circles of Science: Women in Scientific and Literary Culture in Early Modern Italy
Meredith K. Ray
University of Delaware

More than ‘Waifs and Strays of a by-gone Flora’: The History of Paleobotany and its Relevance for Twenty-First Century Science
Dawn M. Digrius
Stevens Institute of Technology

A Bond Rather than a Barrier:  Constructing the St. Lawrence Seaway, An Environmental History
Jeffrey Brideau
University of Maryland
PACHS Dissertation Writing Fellowship

Dark Futures: Environmental Catastrophes and American Childhood in the 1970s
Rebecca Onion
PACHS Postdoctoral Fellowship

1:30 Introduction to the Collections of the Franklin Institute
John Alviti, Senior Curator of Collections

1:45 Session 3

The Opulent City and the Sylvan State: Art and Environmental Embodiment in Early National Philadelphia
Laura Turner Igoe
Tyler School of Art, Temple University
PACHS Dissertation Research Fellowship

Color in the Age of Impressionism: Technology, Commerce, and Art
Laura A. Kalba
Smith College
Edelstein Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation

The History of Collections: Ornithology at the Academy of Natural Sciences
Julie Reich
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Little Tobacco: The Business and Bureacracy of Tobacco Farming in North Carolina, 1920-1980
Sarah Milov
Princeton University

A World of Exchange: Medicine in France and the Eastern Mediterranean
Edna Bonhomme
Princeton University

Harnessing the Modern Miracle: Physicists, Physicians and the Making of American Radium Therapy
Aimee Slaughter
University of Minnesota
PACHS Dissertation Research Fellow

Nuclear Medicine and the Ethics of Uncertainty
Jeffrey Womack
University of Houston

The Patient Labor of American Medicine: A History of the Consumer Medical Thermometer
Deanna Day
University of Pennsylvania
Price Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation

3:25 Introduction to the Collections of the Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing
Tiffany Collier, Center Adminstrator

3:40 Session 4

Chymistry, Corpuscular Medicine, and Controversy: The Ideas and Influence of Daniel Sennert (1572-1637)
Joel Klein
Indiana University
Edelstein Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Fortified: The Secret Science of Food
Catherine Price
Freelance Journalist
Société de Chimie Industrielle Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Jean-Baptiste Dumas, Chemical Industry, and Chemical Workers in France, 1845-1884
Andrew Butrica
Doan Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Rules of the Name: A History of the Systematic, Rational Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
Evan Hepler-Smith
Princeton University

Attribution for the Discovery of Carbon Monoxide: Priestley, DeLassone, or Cruickshank?
Kevin C. Cannon
Pennsylvania State University, Abington College

Creating a Symbol of Science: The Standard Periodic Table of the Elements
Ann E. Robinson
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
PACHS Dissertation Writing Fellowship
Herdegen Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Chemical Diagrams in the Late 19th Century
Ari Gross
University of Toronto
Allington Fellowship, Chemical Heritage Foundation

5:00 Social Hour

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