Events in history of science, technology and medicine at or near member institutions or within 75 miles of Philadelphia


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February 1, 2015

John Efron, University of California, Berkeley

The Jewish Doctor: A Brief History

Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, UPenn

February 2, 2015

Gwen Ottinger, Drexel University

Accidental Regulation?: The Role of Technological Development in Shaping Regulatory Response to Refinery Disasters

University of Pennsylvania, History and Sociology of Science, Speaker Series

February 3, 2015

Deanna Day, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Bringing Science Down to the Level of Boys: Chemistry Sets, the American Future, and Making Meaning out of Science Using the Technological Systems of Toys

Chemical Heritage Foundation, Brown Bag Lecture Series

February 6, 2015 - February 7, 2015

Histories of the Future

Princeton University

February 9, 2015

Randall Packard, Johns Hopkins University

The Eradication Era: A Tale of Two Campaigns

University of Pennsylvania, History and Sociology of Science, Speaker Series

February 10, 2015

Joel Klein, Columbia University

What Are the Historians Doing in the Laboratory?!  The Methods and Methodology of Reconstructing BNF MS. FR. 640

Chemical Heritage Foundation, Brown Bag Lecture Series

February 11, 2015

Nima Bassiri, University of Chicago, and Andrew J. Gerber, Columbia University

Neuroscience & History: Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Can a Critical History Have a Scientific Future?

Columbia University

February 13, 2015

David Barnes, UPenn / Davis Center Fellow

Lazaretto Ghosts: Remembered Trauma and the Meaning of Quarantine in the 19th-Century City

Davis Center Seminar, Princeton University

February 16, 2015

Marge Bruchac, University of Pennsylvania

Indigenous Anthropologists: Restoring the Histories of Frank Speck’s Native American Collaborators

University of Pennsylvania, History and Sociology of Science, Speaker Series

February 19, 2015

Larry Principe, Johns Hopkins University

Secret Materials and Chymical Exotica, or, How to Make the Luminescent Bologna Stone

Columbia University and the Chemical Heritage Foundation

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Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia. Its new building was erected January 1876 at the southwest corner of race and 19th Streets. Image courtesy of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

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Working Groups

February 3, 2015

History and Theory

The group will discuss pp 1-60 of You Must Change Your Life by Peter Sloterdijk along with his “Spheres Theory, Talking to Myself About the Poetics of Space” and Marie-Eve Morin’s “Cohabitating in the globalised world: Peter Sloterdijk’s global foams and Bruno Latour’s cosmopolitics”

February 4, 2015

Physical Sciences

Cameron Lazaroff-Puck, University of Minnesota with introduce his paper “Gearing up for Lagrangian Dynamics: The Flywheel Analogy in Maxwell’s 1865 Paper on Electrodynamics”.

February 6, 2015

Earth and Environmental Sciences


February 10, 2015

Life Sciences and Natural History

Nicole Nelson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will introduce selections from Nicholas Rasmussen’s Gene Jockeys, Life Science and the Rise of Biotech Enterprise, JHU Press, 2014.

February 12, 2015

Early Sciences

Nahyan Fancy of Depauw University will introduce his paper, “Avicenna, Ibn al-Nafis, and New Developments in Physiology in Western Eurasia, 1200-1560”

February 13, 2015

Science Beyond the West


February 17, 2015



February 18, 2015

Human Sciences

Nadia Berenstein of the University of Pennsylvania will introduce her paper, “Defining Flavor: Taste Panels and Sensory Research, 1930-1950”

February 20, 2015

Medicine and Health


February 25, 2015

History and Philosophy of Science

Louise Daoust of UPenn will introduce Chapter 5 of Daston and Galison's Objectivity.
***Note special meeting time -- fourth Wednesday rather than usual 2nd Wednesday -- and no meeting in March***